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HMSI Announces Voluntary Recall Campaign for Replacement of Reflex Reflector

1. Replacement of Reflex Reflector

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) announced a voluntary recall for its vehicle models - H’ness CB350 and CB300R, manufactured between Nov’19 ~ Jan’21. Reflex Reflector fitted in vehicles is at slight variance from the required photometric provisions resulting in insufficient light reflection efficiency. However, the Impact on Vehicle Visibility is insignificant All affected Units will be attended by BigWing Topline/BigWing dealerships across the country and Reflex Reflector shall be replaced as a precautionary measure on Free of Charge basis irrespective of warranty status of the identified vehicle. Keeping in view the current COVID-19 pandemic situation the campaign to replace the suspected part shall start from 1st Week of June’21 onwards, subject to unlock as per local administration guidelines. The company, through its dealers will proactively notify customers via call / e-mail / SMS for inspection of their vehicle and customers can also check applicability for their vehicle under this campaign by submitting their unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). For Validation Click on the applicable model mentioned below

  • H'ness CB350
  • CB300R

The Customers who have purchased/got replaced the Reflex Reflector, Part Number-33741-KPL-902 during Dec’19~Apr’21 can approach the nearest BigWing Dealership for the replacement of part on Free of Charge basis. Customers with their vehicle identified under recall may notify nearest BigWing dealership and book their service appointment in advance as per their convenience (subject to the local COVID restrictions) to enable the dealership in serving them effectively. All suspected spare parts stock at HMSI BigWing dealers are also being recalled.

2. Countershaft 4th Gear of the Transmission

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) announced a voluntary recall for H’ness CB350 in India manufactured between 25th November 2020 to 12th December 2020. Honda has identified a different material grade usage in counter shaft 4th gear of the transmission, which may lead to a defect upon extensive running/usage of the motorcycle. However, there are no cases of any failure reported until date. The campaign will start from 23rd March 2021, as a precautionary measure tore place the affected part (countershaft 4th gear of transmission) free of cost irrespective of warranty status of the vehicle. This voluntary move is intrinsic to Honda’s pro-activeness, reinforcing its commitment to strengthen Customer Trust & Confidence further enhancing ownership experience. With this move, Honda reinforces its commitment to providing highest quality products and customer satisfaction. You are requested to kindly take the prior appointment before visiting the dealership for repairs.

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